I Totally Love…Baby Board Books

One of C’s favorite things to do is “read.” Before she was one or so, she would enjoy looking at her books by herself, turning the pages. Now she loves to hear us read to her, and often asks me to read the same books over and over again. I once had to hide Where’s Spot? after reading it 20 times in a row (literally – I counted). These are some of her favorite books, but there are a LOT more that are equally as good. Stay tuned for part two (and possibly three?) later down the road.

1: Where’s Spot? – This is one of my lift-the-flap books from my childhood. It is “well loved” to say the least, but C still adores it even though a few flaps are missing. Spot is missing when it’s time for his supper, so his Mama has to look all over the house for him – she finds all sorts of animals (including an alligator under the bed!) before finally finding Spot.

2: Haiku Baby – I’m not a big poetry fan, but C adores this cute little book’s bright illustrations. Each page includes a haiku about a different season.

3: Olivia I LOVE Olivia, and it didn’t take much convincing to get C on board too. She’s a sassy gal with a big personality and her own strong opinions. A good role model for a little girl, I think.

4: Llama Llama Misses Mama Ironically C doesn’t like me to read this book to her, only Y. I love the Llama Llama books because the illustrations are adorable and they’re fun to read. My personal favorite is Llama Llama Red Pajama, but C doesn’t like that one (yet).

5: One Moose, Twenty MiceWe borrowed this book from C’s best baby friend, and C immediately only wanted to read this and Somewhere So Sleepy (#9 below). This book is great for identifying animals and C has a great time searching for the cat on each page. It’s kinda like Where’s Waldo for babies.

6: Baby Einstein’s First Alphabet Our friend K gave us this book and C has loved it from day one. It’s a simple book with photos of various objects and animals, and has made teaching her different words much easier.

7: Winnie-the-Pooh’s Opposites – I actually have no idea why C loves this book so much. To Y and I, the drawings are kind of confusing and it’s hard to tell what’s happening. But she loves it! (Note: I can’t find this one on Amazon to link to it – we got our copy used)

8: Baby BelugaI grew up with Raffi, so I sing this book to her (and poke her belly when Baby Beluga sings his little song, sings for all his friends). She loves it.

9: Somewhere So Sleepy – Another book borrowed from C’s best baby friend and immediately ordered from Amazon so we could have our own copy! C calls this book “night night” and likes to flip to the end where she can pull a paper window shade up and down. This is a lift-the-flap book, which are usually a hit.

Stay tuned, more books will come later – we have quite a few favorites! And of course, I’d love to hear yours!

Author: Sara

Single mom at 29. Diagnosed with breast cancer at 34. I believe in grit, resilience, and the power of making lemonade out of exceedingly sour lemons.

6 thoughts on “I Totally Love…Baby Board Books”

  1. Ellie also LOVES to “read”! And her new thing is to take a book, bring it to us and curl up in our lap for us to read it to her. (at which point we melt). When we finish one book, she walks it back to the shelf, and brings us another one. This weekend, after we did this over and over and over, we decided we need more book to rotate through so mom and dad don’t get bored!

    You’ve listed some of Es favs, but also gave us some new ideas. Thanks!

  2. I recently (a few months ago) wrote a post about books, too. If she likes Baby Beluga, you could try Raffi’s “Wheels on the Bus” book. For the record, we’ve gotten “Baby Beluga” since I wrote the post and I like it better.

    “Where’s Spot?” and “Spot Goes to School” (both picked up for 25 cents at garage sales) are popular here, too. I’ll have to look into your other recs.


  3. My husband works A LOT of hours. So I made a point of finding *Daddy* books that my daughter & daddy can read together… And now my daughter loves books she can relate to (like alphabet bks… Picture books where you find common objects, animal books…)
    Here are my daughters current favorites;
    1. Curious George (the aquarium, the puppies & the zoo)
    2. Goodnight moon (we say goodnight to inanimate objects and our dog before bedtime so the book incorporates this habit nicely)
    3. Daddys are for catching fireflies
    4. Anything by Mo Williams (like “Pigeon has feelings too)
    5. Kiss goodnight by amy hess
    6. Kisses for Daddy (is her absolute favorite! She even imitates

  4. Llama Llama Misses Mama is one of my faves. It was really helpful when dealing with separation issues at school, and they were mesmerized. Love the whole series.

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